What You Get with Food Lovers OnlineTM

Food Lovers Online is a 100% online fat loss plan that guides you step-by-step to
the body you want. All you have to do is follow the program, and in just 21 days,
you will completely reset your metabolism and turn your body into a fat-burning
So you can lose fat fast and keep it off ― without giving up ANY of
your favorite foods!

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The 21 Day Metabolism
shows you
how to eat your favorite foods in specific combina-
tions that cause your body
to burn fat rather than
store it.
food lovers
Eating Journal with Instant
Meal Assessments
tells you
on the spot if your meal or
snack is a Fat Loss Plate so
that you can be sure every
bite you eat is helping you to
burn fat and lose weight.
Your Personal Fat Burning
charts your
results in real time so you
can make on-the-spot
adjustments to switch your
body from Fat Storing
Mode to Fat Burning Mode.
Up-to-the-second Personalized
shows you exactly
what to do, at that very
moment, to increase your
metabolism and maximize fat
burning all day long.
Program Guides
Program Guides show you
at-a-glance how to turn
ANY foods into a Fat Loss
Meal or Snack.
Food lovers fat loss system
Portion Charts make it easy to
eat the perfect portion size
every time.
Instant Feedback
Instant Feedback helps you
make smarter food choices
to switch your body from
Fat Storing Mode to Fat
Burning Mode.
Daily Progress Reports
provide in-depth review of how
you did today and help you
plan for tomorrow.
Goal Tracking Tools keep
you focused and motivated.
Hundreds of Fat-Scorching
plus the best fat-
burning menu items at your
favorite restaurants.
Food Lovers For Life
Food Lovers For LifeTM
a complete maintenance
program to help you eat
healthy and balanced for
life and keep the fat off ...
24/7 Access gives you the
answers and guidance you
need anytime of the day or
night, whether you’re eating
at home, the office, or your
favorite restaurants.