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Food Lovers Online makes fat loss foolproof!

Food Lovers Online™ is an online weight loss program (based on sound nutritional science) that shows you how to combine the foods you enjoy most in a way that causes your body to burn fat instead of store it. So you don’t have to starve yourself or make any drastic lifestyle changes to lose weight. Easy-to-use online tools guide you every step of the way. It’s all designed to put you on the fast track to getting the body you want.

What You Get

Meal Assessments

Be sure that every bite of food
you eat is helping you to burn

Personal Fat Burning

This color-coded graphic
makes it easy to see whether
you’re in the Fat Burning Zone
or the Fat Storing Zone. Just
stay in the green and you’re
getting lean!

Database of
Hundreds of Recipes

With a few clicks, you can
access hundreds of delicious,
metabolism-boosting recipes
making it easier than ever to
eat all your favorite foods in a
way that maximizes fat loss at
every meal.
What To Expect
  • Easy online tools guide you
  • A simple meal-by-meal plan to
    maximize fat burning
  • No drastic steps - just small,
    simple changes

24/7 Coaching

Personalized, instantaneous
guidance, 24 hours a day,
covering every aspect of
getting lean, from food to
sleep to exercise.

Goal Tracking
& Tools

Critical components of fat
loss success to help you
uncover hidden obstacles
and stay focused so that
you can supercharge your

How Food Lovers Online is different from other programs

It makes fat loss foolproof

It makes fat loss

personalized feedback
to guarantee that your
body is burning fat at
the fastest rate possible.

You'll never feel lost or alone

You’ll never feel
lost or alone

We’ll guide you meal-
by-meal, moment-by-
moment so you can
ensure that your body
is incinerating fat at all

It's with you wherever you go

It’s with you
wherever you go

Personalized guidance
24 hours a day, from
home, the office, or
even your favorite

You'll never have to diet again

You’ll never have
to diet again

The simple learn-by-
doing approach of
Food Lovers Online
trains you to "think
thin"? for life.